Dupont Acquires Taxon Biosciences, Inc.

Next Generation Discovery Platform will Accelerate Commercialization of Integrated Biological Solutions for Agriculture

April 22, 2015 - Today, Dupont, a global leader in agriculture, nutrition & health and industrial biosciences, announced it has agreed to acquire Taxon Biosciences, Inc., a leading microbiome discovery company. This acquisition will build on Dupont's in-house capabilities and unparalleded marked access in both seed and crop protection to discover and commercialize biological solutions for agriculture customers globally.


Taxon Biosciences, Inc., a first mover in the industrial microbiome field, utilizes proprietary advancements in genomics, bioinformatics and microbiology to identify, resolve, validate and commercialize microbiome-based products for agriculture, energy or enviromenmental settings. Taxon has been funded by the generous support of co-lead investors in our Series A round, venture capital firm Formation 8 and BP Ventures , along with ConocoPhillips Technology Ventures, LeFrak and founding investor Molly Ashby.


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Taxon’s early entry into the field of microbial community profiling and computational microbe discovery has provided Taxon with a very strong enabling and blocking patent position. In addition to the issued patents below, Taxon has many pending patents with claim sets directed at both methods and compositions of microbes in the various sectors within which Taxon operates.

If you have any questions regarding our Intellectual Property position or licensing questions please email: and introduce yourself.